Here is a list of my recent plenary talks at conferences

Logical Perspectives 2021, Moscow,  Russia, June 7 - July 8, "Definability In The Turing Degree Structures"
Conference of International Mathematical Centers, Sochi, Russia, August 9-13, "On the Structure of the Turing Degrees of Unsolvability"

Second Workshop on Digitalization and Computable Models (WDCM-2020), Novosibirsk, Russia, July 20-24, "Complexity of Fixed-point Selection Functions"
Mal'tsev Meeting 2020, Novosibirsk, Russia, November 16-20, "Relatively Computable Enumerable Degrees and Diagonally Non-computable Functions"

Algebra and Mathematical Logic: Theory and Applications, Kazan, Russia, June 24-28, "DNR Functions and Fixed Point Theorems"

Algebra and Theory of Algorithms, Ivanovo, Russia, March 21-24, "Computability on Reals"
International Algebraic Conference in memory of A.G. Kurosh, Russia, Moscow, May 23-25, "Computability in Real Numbers"