"Fixed-point Selection Functions" by Arslanov, M.M. was published in the Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics in 2021. The article focuses on the study of fixed-point selection functions. Fixed-point selection functions play a crucial role in fixed-point theory and have applications in various areas of mathematics and computer science. The author presents new results and explores the properties of these functions, providing insights into their behavior and applications. The article contributes to the existing body of knowledge in fixed-point theory and offers valuable information for researchers and practitioners in related fields. It is a concise and informative resource for those interested in studying fixed-point selection functions and their applications.

What are fixed-point selection functions?
Fixed-point selection functions are mathematical functions that select or identify fixed points within a given set or space.

What are the properties and characteristics of fixed-point selection functions?
Arslanov M.M discuss the properties and characteristics of fixed-point selection functions, such as continuity, measurability, or specific functional equations they satisfy.

What is the significance of fixed-point selection functions in mathematics and computer science?
Arslanov M.M explore the importance of fixed-point selection functions in various areas of mathematics and computer science, such as optimization algorithms, game theory, or fixed-point theory.

What new results or insights are presented in the article?
The article introduce novel findings, theorems, or techniques related to fixed-point selection functions, highlighting their theoretical advancements or practical applications.

How do fixed-point selection functions relate to existing mathematical concepts or theories?
The author discuss the connections and relationships between fixed-point selection functions and other mathematical concepts, such as fixed-point theorems, set theory, or functional analysis.